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Craig's Tech Tip: Proper Installation of the DTK-PVP27B

If you are installing the PVP27B at a remote camera location, make sure that the grounding wire to the surge protector is as short and straight as possible, with no sharp bends or coils. Also, the video and power conductors should be a minimum of 3-6 feet in length from the output (protected) side of the PVP27B to the camera. This allows the surge device to reference ground first before the surge energy is induced onto the camera. These installation tips will help attain the proper response time allowing the surge protector to dissipate the excess energy safely to ground.

So, if the camera is on a pole, you will want to install the PVP device near the base of the pole with a short ground wire from the PVP to the grounding rod. The video and power conductors running up the pole at a greater length will give the added response time needed for the PVP unit.

If the surge protector is located closer to the camera, it is best that the PVP be mounted in a weather tight enclosure. Then, you can install a grounding bus bar inside the enclosure with the PVP. Run a short ground wire from the PVP to the bus bar, and then upsize the wire gauge for the ground wire and run it from the bus bar down to the grounding rod. The low impedance bus bar will give the PVP the short ground run it is looking for and will dissipate the surge there, and then the surge will follow the path of least resistance to the grounding rod. You will still need the 3-6 feet of conductor length from the PVP to the camera. You can loop this conductor if needed. View Product Datasheet


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