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Mike’s Tech Tip:  Do you know if your DTK-120HW is still functioning?


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Do you know if your DTK-120HW is still functioning or did it do its job and sacrifice itself to protect your equipment?

This is a great question, and most of the time, will be met with a puzzled look. The DTK-120HW, due to its parallel-wired design, does NOT remove AC power load, nor does it trip the circuit breaker when it self-sacrifices. By design, the notification feature of this device is the green LED. If the LED is not checked on a regular basis, there could be a situation where the surge protector has done its job, but is no longer providing protection for the system.

Enter the DTK-120SRD, with its Dry Contact remote notification feature. This has the ability to alert the fire alarm system IMMEDIATELY if the surge protective device is ever compromised in the field through one of two ways: a dedicated monitoring module wired directly into the Form C dry contact circuit, or the Form C dry contact circuit wired directly into an auxiliary input on the fire alarm panel. There is no guessing! If the device self-sacrifices, this “smart surge” design notifies the panel.

Wouldn’t you want to know immediately if your 120V surge protector needs to be replaced??
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